FLUORIDEGATE An American Tragedy:

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  1. Thiago says:

    We need a portuguese subtitles for this documentary. I think it’s important! In preference, brazilian subtitles.

    Thank you!

  2. Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you
    know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.

    • kennedy says:

      Thank you for watching and your comment.

      Could you be more specific as to which images or the time that did not display well so Monica can correct this problem.

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  4. Delilah Ann Gill says:

    Consider adding a link to be able to post to Facebook. Social media is very powerful as a way to get behind issues.

    • kennedy says:

      Dear Delilah, Thank you for watching Fluoridegate. As for Facebook if you look on the lower right hand corner you will see we already have the F symbol for Facebook. Click on that and comment anytime.


  5. Kai says:

    I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really
    nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later on.

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  7. Jason Kahn says:

    David- Thanx for the great vid- I plan to spread it around- Althoe I don’t think saving the industries that produce fluoride money is the reason behind this. There isn’t enough money to bribe normal people to poison children and entire communities- look a bit deeper- the World health organization plans to fluoride all of Africa- They are funded by the Rockefeller foundation and other un-named sources- be careful- beings that would poison our entire race would think nothing of attacking individuals who stand in their way. I advise all who I know to buy a distiller and purify their families water if they can afford it. At least I know this can be done-

    • kennedy says:

      You have a good point that there is not enough money involved to bribe everyone into destroying their own nation/community/family but I don’t believe that most fluoride promoters understand that is what they are doing. I know some of them don’t because at one time I was one of them. I BELIEVED it worked because I was taught in dental school it was beneficial. I now know that was not true.

      The bottom line is this needs to stop. regardless of who is behind it and who is guilty of what tomorrow after they watch this film they cannot go back and hide in their little hole and continue to ignore their duty to the community, their families and their nation.

      Like Dan Stockin says, “This just needs to go away.”

      I can think of many things in my lifetime that have gone away like leaded gasoline and paint, smog belching cars, and $0.05 Cola drinks. I’d like to add silicofluoridation to the list soon.

    • kennedy says:

      They may find the Africans can be a bit pesky when it comes to adding silicofluoride to their water supply. I called the film an American tragedy because clearly the power of promotion is coming from the US PHS, CDC and NIDCR. We need to cut the funding to the government liars.

      The distiller is a good idea but with swimming, bathing and other water contact it is not enough. Fluoridation needs to stop.

  8. Jason Kahn says:

    How much are they paying you for your bogus letters? My soul is worth WAY more than I am sure you are getting-

  9. Jason Kahn says:

    What part of “An evil, cunning, cruel, diabolical plot to make the human race weak, sick and stupid” is so hard for people to get their heads around??

    • kennedy says:

      I think it is the magnitude and depths of this evil that is so mind boggling that those of us who would believe in the goodness of mankind and love in hearts cannot comprehend.

  10. Jason Kahn says:

    Are you some sort of paid for fluoride advocate? There is no scientific, moral or ethical reason to “medicate” the population without their knowledge or consent. None.

    • kennedy says:

      Hmmm?? Jason you are responding to some post that I haven’t seen. Which post are you seeing?


      • Jason Kahn says:

        That dude “Ken Kressin”- the first letter on this blog- the pro-fluoride goon- bet he’s paid to confuse the issue-

        • kennedy says:

          Dear Jason,

          I think you are right. The person is a troll and would not reply to my specific questions so I’ve deleted his strange post. Why would anyone say a film about science lacked science? I usually get people complaining about too much science.

          • Jason Kahn says:

            I’ve been involved with groups working to get the fluoride out of Marin Ca. counties water supply for a while. The water dept members are terrified of this “attorney” who has showed up- who tells them what they can and can’t do or say. Blackmail and threats seem to be the tools used to keep people from changing this policy. Now I tell all I know to get a reverse-osmosis water filter or distiller and at least clean up the water they and their family use. Remember: Beings that would poison infants/children/entire communities/races would think nothing of attacking individuals who threaten their diabolical plots- It take real courage to stand up for truth and the human race- Good luck, and thanx!!!

  11. Harley Monks says:

    I was about to share this on facebook, but the thumbnail was accompanied by the first comment, which makes the comment look like a critical analysis of/ warning about the film. Unfortunate!

    • kennedy says:

      Hmmm. I just shared Fluoridegate on my Facebook page and the thumbnail it linked to the video was the just title. When I clicked on that it took me to the home page of the film

      Not sure what screen you saw that looked like a warning but the title looked OK when I tried. If it happens again please send the screen shot to me and I’ll get Monica to fix it.

  12. Janet Nagel says:

    Congratulations to David Kennedy and Monica Esteban for a very well done documentary. And heartfelt appreciation to all those who agreed to be interviewed for the film. Fluoridegate presents very important testimony against fluoridation.

    The question now is, how do we get this testimony to a critical number of people? Those of us who’ve been looking at this issue for months or years can assimilate more of the content, but I think for newcomers so much may be a little overwhelming. And for people who aren’t particularly interested in fluoridation and probably think it’s okay, there doesn’t seem to be a hook early on to capture their attention. From that point of view, I think further editing to create 30 minute version might be worthwhile.

    Maybe the issue could be framed earlier on with David Kennedy’s statement (now nearer the end) in which he cites the lack of ethics as well as the government malfeasance. Those ideas could be repeated several times and provide a framework for the rest of the material. And, even though everything the interviewees say is important, maybe their critical points could be included and some supporting details omitted to achieve a shorter running time.

    My personal opinion–others may see it differently–is that the segments with the children–both the propaganda films and the NYC demonstration–should be shorter. With the NYC children it sounds like there’s been a lot of adult input in their statements, and I find that less than compelling. I’d prefer brief segments to remind viewers of the real children who are affected, rather than have them convey arguments against fluoridation. If there were older students presenting arguments they had formulated themselves, and they weren’t reading them, that might have a different effect.

    These are my thoughts after viewing it just once. I had thought of including it as a link in my New Year’s email to friends. But I decided, for disinterested folks, it doesn’t grab attention at the outset and it’s too complicated for the uninitiated to hold attention for so long. I really try to avoid any situation that would cause people to dismiss criticism of fluoridation since that just reinforces what they’ve been conditioned to do.

    I think Fluoridegate is very well done for the pretty small group of insiders that we are. But I’m impatient to see us reach out to the disinterested and misinformed, the critical mass who potentially will halt fluoridation. Back in my Bellingham active fluoride-objecting days, I attended a political campaign workshop. A very important precept is that you focus your attention and resources on the people who are disengaged and undecided. No point wasting time and resources on either your committed supporters or your sworn opponents. (That precept was the key to success in Wichita and Portland, I think.) Another principle that we turned to our advantage in Bellingham was–at least back then–that the most potent tactic is the negative phone call. (Maybe now it’s a tweet or something. Generally speaking, when we create educational material I think it would be worthwhile to get feedback from focus groups representing those disinterested folks in the middle, so we can be as effective as possible.)

    As long as they’re not so nasty that they inspire sympathy, negative statements about opponents seem to carry more weight in the human psyche than positive remarks about the person or issue you’re supporting. Fluoridegate has lots of negative information about fluoridationists, and that’s a plus.

    Thank you David, Estaban and everyone who made this film possible. It’s an important contribution to achieving our goal.

    • kennedy says:

      Dear Janet,

      Thank you for watching this documentary. I did not make it specifically for people like you who understand the fluoride issue but for those who did not understand the issue.

      The NY children actually did their own work. The teacher has her 5th grade class each year pick a topic. I had to cut out a lot as we had 13 hours of interviews and like you I think shorter is better. Monica is working on two 1/2 hour films from the footage for ourPublic Access TV programs.

      If you want to give filmmaking a try I am happy for you to take the video from youtube and cut it to your liking and send it to me. That is what I did for Monica. It was at one point almost 2 hours long. I agree shorter is better but I have a lot of short videos on my TV program and youtube website. My favorite short video is Poisoned babies.

      Send the link out with your New Years best wishes. We are well over a million views.


  13. Donna Marquart says:

    Thank you for making this information available. I plan to tell others about this. Working with children, I see the flourosis that has developed in their teeth. (so now they can go buy a “whitening product” to make their teeth white. I also see the increased numbers of kids with behavioural issues AND health issues – allergies, asthma, and cancer. And I see the increased numbers of vaccines that are being pushed on Americans – particularly newborns and pregnant women – and being mandated in schools and hospitals and other job places. With the shortage of real jobs for Americans, and the diminished social safety net – people will do as they are told or risk the consequences.
    Thank you for mentioning that it is a POLICY and not a CONSPIRACY – though it is not difficult to believe that supporting bad policy is conspiratorial AND criminal especially when one hears about people protecting their jobs and not the public for which they are sworn to serve -( maybe they had their fingers crossed when they took any oath).
    Call me crazy, but . . . the combination of the toxins in the water and the soil and the air – chemical fertilizer runoff, antibiotic overload in food and in doctor prescriptions, heavy metals from persistent contrails, GMO’s and glyphosate, I might think that someone was trying to kill me. Thanks again.

    • kennedy says:

      You are correct there is a fine line between conspiracy and policy but since those advocating we add fluoride to our drinking water can easily point to the CDC’s policy of advocating for this it seems reasonable to attack the policy that sits out in broad daylight that is causing all the problem. It does not even have to rise to the level of secret deals but what it does have to do is stop being funded. If the Tea Party Repubs really want to do something good for this country they can cut off funding of all the fluoridation programs by eliminating the 35 dentists and hygienists at the CDC who see that as their only job.

      FYI only two candidates for president have ever opposed fluoridation. Do you know who they were?

      Think about it. 35 people at the CDC with support staff passing out millions of dollars in Public Health grants to water districts to buy hazardous waste from Mexico, China, and Florida. I’ll bet there would be a whole lot of money saved and they could spend it on something that helped improve health and grow our country rather than destroy it.

  14. Patricia Dugan says:

    Would like to see a post on professionally placed?(hired) employees, managers that are responsible for the continued falsification of facts that worked and still work for the EPA,FDA,CDC, show them lying to the public and publication quotes by these public servants. This would be a great followup, people who know these public servants should be questioning them directly and their work ethic to the public should be questioned daily with specific direct questions for accountability, after all they are collecting a pay check supposedly from the American peoples government.

    Thank you all for your professional expertise’s, experience and knowledge to the facts to bring light to this toxic policy with the government bureaus illegal drugging our water.
    Patricia Dugan

    • kennedy says:

      Dear Patricia,
      The million dollar lobbyist here in California is Howard Polluck an Englishman with a bachelors in dentistry who teaches dental students how good it is to add fluoride to water. Twice the state has paid $500,000 for “oral health surveys” which are thinly failed propaganda on how good it is to add fluoride to water. Of this million dollars worth of garbage only one fragment was ever published and it showed no difference in baby bottle tooth decay Fluoride vs. no-fluoride.

      The study was used in fact the California Fluoridation Task-force urged that it be used before peer review to sway legislators to mandate fluoridation in 1995. Why before peer review? Because they compared head start immigrant children in Los angeles to Montessori children in San Francisco. There are enormous differences in poor children vs. rich ones and thus one could say that fluoridation makes larger homes, newer luxury cars and more TVs too using their logic.

      There are 35 people at the CDC who see their ONLY job is to promote fluoridation. The US Public Health Service has offices in every state and they too blindly follow the party line.

      And then there is the revolving door between the CDC and the Peeew Foundation whose name derives from the smell of their policy of supporting fluoridation against all logic and common sense. Peeew has formed a rapid (rabid) response team of liars that denigrates any research and scientist that does not support their claims which is virtually almost all except those funded by the NIDCR.

      So be my guest. Go after liars. They deserve no respect and infamy and scorn should be heaped upon them with all due haste.

      However, until congress stops funding the liars and giving big dollar gifts (grants) to fund the purchase of silicofluoride chemicals and install fluoridation equipment this problem will continue and continue to damage this nation.


  15. Irina says:

    You obviously drink fluoridated water. You are slow to process information. May I suggest to you to watch this documentary 4 more tomes?

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  17. Jeff Goe says:

    Is this guy for real in his post Fluoride is a toxic chemical that is destroying our kids future, for god sake wake up! people like this disgust me!

    • kennedy says:

      Damaging our kids future (and nation’s future) disgusts you or demonstrating that fluoride is a toxic chemical disgusts you?

      For damage to children all you have to do is look at their fluoride mottled teeth.
      For the F = toxic chemical I recommend reading Webster’s dictionary or I can send you the Materials safety data Sheet that comes with the product.

  18. Fluoridation can also lower IQ level. Your comment is a scientific proof for that!

  19. Andy says:

    I think the film has merit. The beginning with the school children is a great introduction. However, there is too much, from there on out, of older guys talking. The talking does not require to have the video of the talker as much as you have. More interesting video is needed, something more like a Frontline episode. Also, some editing is required in these sections.

    – At minute 45 in the film, during the section on “Legal Perspective”, Mr. Nidel talks about legal liability. He claims that the “water providers who choose to add fluoride to the water ..” are potential defendants. I thought that the water providers are mandated by the city governments to add fluoride to the water supply and do not “choose to add fluoride to the water supply”. What the providers stand behind in terms of safety is unclear, if in fact the EPA gave up any oversight in 1988. More discussion or expansion on this issue is needed. Who exactly is responsible for the health of our drinking water, if anybody?

    – add info about dental health in countries which do not have fluroidation.
    – Here’s a recommendation on a possible format to present this information. There are health programs on PBS which have a doctor talkiing to a group of people about things like a healthy diet, exercise, mental health, etc… The doctor stands on a stage and has a screen behind him. The camera often pans to faces in the audience. This is very effective. Can we get one of these doctors on board with the anti fluoridation movement to do a video for us?

    • kennedy says:

      I am happy for your input but there is only so much one guy can do. On the other hand I’d be happy to look at your edit. Why don’t you take a quick time of the film and edit into what you think makes a better clearer statement.

      As for Mr. Nidel and is discussion of liability he was not speaking about municipalities who are insulated from lawsuits or state mandates. He was speaking about the many water districts who just on their own decided and their liability is exposed.

      | More discussion or expansion on this issue is needed.|

      You can see more under the Proof tab on the page by each person. We tried to get as much in and still keep the attention of the viewer but have documents and further discussion there for those who want to delve deeper.

      REsponsible for the health of drinking water? If you ask any of the regulatory agencies they point and another one as this is a hot potato and they know when the music stops, and it will stop, the last one standing is the one that will get the Sh^% fan pointed at them. Personally I am betting that will be the dentists because many of them actually believe the stuff they say due to “education” at ADA accredited schools that spew garbage into the heads of future dentists.

  20. I think everything posted was very logical. But, what about this?

    what if you added a little content? I mean, I don’t want to tell you how to run your blog, but suppose you added something to maybe get folk’s attention?
    I mean Watch | Fluoridegate The Film is kinda plain. You might glance at Yahoo’s
    front page and see how they create news titles to get
    viewers interested. You might try adding a video or a pic or two to
    get people interested about what you’ve got to say.
    Just my opinion, it could bring your website a little bit more interesting.

    • kennedy says:

      Dear My Injury Lawyer

      Glad you liked the video. There are three “Promo” short videos on the landing page and numerous shorter clips under Proof by each of the speakers. I will forward your suggestion to Monica the wonderful videographer who shot and helped edit the video and then build this website.

    • kennedy says:

      I urge all viewers to go read Dr. Thomas Marx’s entire well referenced letter to the F&DA. He was very clear in his letter that:

      “In 2008 I attended theCongress of the American Society of Anesthesiologists in Orlando, Florida, where I became aware of some alarming study results:
      1. The one-year-mortality in adults correlates in a linear way to the depth of anesthesia, even if sophisticated statistic calculations attempt to eliminate that factor as an artifact (1).
      2. US American studies revealed that children in the USA even 10 years after anesthesia havelower IQs than comparable children not having undergone anesthesia. That effect presentlyis investigated by the FDA in the so called SAFEKIDS Project (2).With a former co worker who is now Professor of Anesthesia in the Dalhousie University inHalifax, Canada (Michael Schmidt) , I discussed old experimental by-chance findings from ourtime in Germany during which we found in anesthetized animals exposed to the anestheticvapor Halothane brain damage parameters
      which’s concentrations measured by intra cerebralmicro dialysis were correlating in a linear way with the depth of anesthesia adjusted by”

      Please go read and download the entire letter so you know what your risks and choices are.

  21. Ronnie says:

    Yeah, uhh, getting enough vitamin D also prevents tooth decay. Maybe the poor sufferers of tooth decay should try getting sunlight between the hours of 10 and 12. I feel people should stop expecting their government and corporations to take of their minor, petty problems for them. We shouldn’t just settle for an easy out with a list of known side effects which are far worse the problem being prevented when there are plenty of other options.

    • kennedy says:


      What you say is correct only the silicofluoride thing is a totally fake program that never was truly intended to improve oral health. That much is clear. The fact that it damages human health was more difficult to prove but we now have unequivocal proof of harm.

      the problem is when any new drug is proposed the regulatory bodies bend over backwards making manufacturers prove both safety and effectiveness. Fluoride systemically is neither so the fundamental problem is much deeper than a mere intrusion into our rights to choose. It speaks to the difficulties of the public receiving due consideration in a representative democracy awash with private interest money.

      We need to rethink how we govern because a detailed look at what we have at the moment shows a severe disconnect between the regulatory bodies assigned tasks and their accomplishments.

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  23. Mila Archie says:

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    • kennedy says:

      Yes Marshall and you just sent me an email??? Look on the top on the right a small white word contact. Click on that and send me an email. But if you have a question I’d like you to comment under Watch (the movie) as others may be interested in the same question.

  25. Marcus says:

    Watch | Fluoridegate The Film and video overlay may be related stuff!

  26. Dale Phillip says:

    Dear David,
    Thank you for your endless and tireless expose and educational efforts worldwide against the damage that fluoride has caused our water supplies, our citizens, our crops and our health. As a former patient of yours, as well as a volunteer in the ever-growing efforts to keep fluoride out of our precious water supplies and allow people to make their own decisions as to whether or not they want to ingest fluoride,
    it is obvious that the promoters of fluoride have done a whitewash on people and government agencies, convincing them that fluoride is the magic panacea for cavities and oral health. There are no substitutes for proper dental hygiene, and shame on anyone who tries to convince the population otherwise. There is fluoride added to most toothpastes so anyone who wishes to use it can easily do so, but we do not need to bathe our entire bodies inside with this or any other chemical. We need to keep our water supplies as clean and pure as possible. I don’t want vitamins added to my water either, even though I take vitamins–how much and which ones should be my own choice, not the government’s. Keep up the good work in your extraordinary efforts and enlightenment of municipalities as well as individuals. Working with you was a real education and eye opener for me, and I loved every minute of my volunteer work. You are an extraordinary teacher and pioneer, and my hat is off to you. With great respect and gratitude, Dale Phillip

  27. Ron Eheman says:

    In early August, the Environmental Protection Agency is set to decide on a petition to change the source of fluoride in U.S. drinking water.

    Currently, the source of fluoride in most public water supplies is fluorosilicic acid, according to government records. The petition calls for the EPA to instead require the use of pharmaceutical-grade sodium fluoride in water fluoridation, which is the addition of fluoride to drinking water for the purpose of preventing cavities.

    Fluorosilicic acid is often contaminated with arsenic, and recent research has linked the arsenic from fluorosilicic acid in drinking water to as many as 1,800 extra cases of cancer yearly in the United States, said William Hirzy, a chemistry researcher American University in Washington, D.C. Hirzy, who worked at the EPA for 27 years, submitted the petition.

    The study and petition grew out of what researchers believe is a lack of regulation and understanding of chemicals used in fluoridation, Hirzy said. Fluorosilicic acid has been shown to contain the carcinogens arsenic and lead, and to leach lead from water pipes, he said.

    Billions in cancer costs.

    In the study, published in February in the journal Environmental Science and Policy, Hirzy and co-authors estimated that putting pharmaceutical-grade sodium fluoride into the water supply would reduce the amount of arsenic in drinking water by 99 percent. The arsenic at issue is the inorganic variety, a known human carcinogen, meaning it causes cancer. [Why Is Arsenic Bad for You?]

    The switch would cost $100 million, but would save billions in reduced cancer costs, Hirzy said.

    “We found that the United States as a society is spending, conservatively speaking, $1 billion to $6 billion treating the excess bladder and lung cancers caused by arsenic in the most commonly used fluoridation chemical, fluorosilicic acid,” Hirzy said.

    The EPA limits levels of arsenic in drinking water to 10 parts per billion. Hirzy said that the researchers, in calculating the number of U.S. cancer cases yearly linked with arsenic in fluorosilicic acid, used the EPA’s own risk assessment data.

    Experts not involved with Hirzy’s study agreed with its findings.

    “I think this is a reasonable study, and that they haven’t inflated anything,” said Kathleen Thiessen, a senior scientist at SENES Oak Ridge Inc., a health and environmental risk assessment company.

    An EPA scientist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak to the press, said the study is the first to perform a risk assessment on this arsenic source, which “should have been done” already. He said he “didn’t dispute anything” in the paper, and said the cost estimates were reasonable.

    While the EPA performs risk assessments for most contaminants in public water supplies, it doesn’t oversee the addition of chemicals used in fluoridation, according to the agency — a policy that Hirzy said doesn’t make sense. Under the Toxic Substances Control Act, the EPA has the authority to regulate or ban almost any substance — including fluorosilicic acid — that poses an “unreasonable risk” to public health, he said.

    Fluorosilicic acid

    During the production of phosphate fertilizer, phosphate ore is reacted with sulfuric acid to produce toxic gases. These are taken out of the air after being sprayed with water, which produces fluorosilicic acid, said Michael Miller, a minerals commodity specialist for the U.S. Geological Survey.

    The solution is sold to water systems nation-wide, where it is diluted and put into drinking water, Miller said. Occasionally, it is treated to create sodium fluorosilicate. Together, these compounds (called silicofluorides) provide fluoride to 90 percent of U.S. drinking water systems that are fluoridated, serving about 150 million people, Miller said.

    Fluoridation was introduced in 1945, and the early tests of its effects were done with sodium fluoride, largely derived from the aluminum smelting industry, Hirzy said. Fluorosilicic acid wasn’t used to fluoridate water supplies until after 1951, when water fluoridation became a goal of the U.S. Public Health Service. The health effects of fluorosilicicacid haven’t been widely tested, according to a 2006 report on fluoride by the National Research Council. Mosaic, one of the companies that sells fluorosilicic acid to water utilities around the country, Miller said, lists the substance as hightly corrosive. The undiluted acid can eat through glass.


    Any increase in exposure to arsenic leads to an increase in the risk and incidence of cancers, Hirzy said. On average, diluted fluorosilic acid adds about 0.08 ppb to drinking water.

    The purity of fluoridation chemicals is regulated by NSF International, and the American National Standards Institute, according to the study. Under a regulation called the NSF/ANSI Standard 60, fluoridation chemicals are not permitted to create arsenic levels above 1 ppb in drinking water, the study noted.

    However, there’s reason to believe this standard isn’t being enforced, Hirzy said. For example, arsenic levels in Wellington, Fla., recently exceeded this limit, and nothing was done in response to the violation, according to the study.

    “Nobody is watching the store,” Hirzy said.

  28. the blog says:

    Howdy! This article could not be written much better! Reading through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept talking about this. I’ll forward this information to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a very good read. Thanks for sharing!

  29. After I originally commented I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new
    comments are added- checkbox and now whenever a comment is added I recieve four
    emails with the same comment. Is there a way you are able to remove me from that service?
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    • kennedy says:

      Working on it. Not sure why and I have asked Monica to see how the list is and will remove the unwanted entries. There should be an unsubscribe button somewhere but I am not sure where.

  30. Jeff says:

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that fluoride does prevent tooth decay. Does that mean it should be used regardless of any other negative health effects? Pro-fluoride groups (most notably the ADA) seem to be very adept at never talking about the negatives, only the (potential) positive of tooth decay prevention. What kind of science is that?? That’s like promoting setting your hair on fire to rid yourself of lice.

    • kennedy says:

      Dear jeff,

      Yes a good way to get rid of lice too. Egyptians shaved their heads and wore wigs as lice won’t stay in dead hair.

      But both the ADA and the CDC have changed their long repeated claims about how fluoride might just possible someday reduce tooth decay saying the effects are topical and at much higher amounts than water fluoridation too. The US FDA has never approve any toothpaste below 1,000 parts per million or 1428 TIMES more than the new improved lower recommended optimum level of 0.7 ppm. So even if fluoride does reduce tooth decay it certainly will not do so at 0.7 PPM which makes water fluoridation a scam.

      “[F]luoride’s predominant effect is posteruptive and topical.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2001). Recommendations for Using Fluoride to Prevent and Control Dental Caries in the United States. Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Review. August 17, 50(RR14):1-42.

      “[E]vidence has continued to accumulate to support the hypothesis that the anti-caries mechanism of fluoride is mainly a topical one.” – J Carlos, JP. (1983) Comments on Fluoride. The Journal of Pedodontics. Winter. 135-136.

      “Fluoride…works via topical mechanisms.” “Fluoride incorporated during tooth development is insufficient to play a significant role in caries protection.” – Featherstone, JDB. (2000). The Science and Practice of Caries Prevention. Journal of the American Dental Association. 131: 887-899.

      A scam that does cause disproportionate harm to minorities but actually to everyone all the time. Fluoride is a cumulative poison that should be avoided not shipped in from China, Mexico, Japan and Fluorida. I thought Dr. Marcus’ May Day Memo did a good job of exposing the fact that Fluoride cause cancer. Dr. Hirzy’s latest peer reviewed article calculated the cost of arsenic ( a well recognized contaminant in water fluoridation chemicals) induced cancers and they dwarf even the “estimated” benefit of fluoridation. BTW there is no benefit to anyone from fluoridation except those who have it for sale.

      J. William Hirzy Comparison of hydrofluorosilicic acid and pharmaceutical sodium fluoride as fluoridating agents—A cost–benefit analysis Environmental Science & Policy in press available online Feb 16, 2013

      • Steven Misosky says:

        I’m wondering if you’ve reviewed the attempt by American University students, alumni, and faculty to instigate an action by the EPA. They filed a TSCA section 21 petition trying to remove hydrofluorosilicic acid from our water by demonstrating a cost reduction when switching to pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride. The avenue of their petition was limited to looking at three substances sometimes found in HFSA, arsenic, lead, and radionuclions (?), which the EPA refuted. Their action failed. However, it was a nice attempt and some valuable things were revealed in the EPAs response. Although I think it would be nearly impossible to eliminate fluoride altogether with this type of action due to their definition of ‘unreasonable risk’ which involves economic considerations for business, national security, etc., I wonder if an organization of your stature couldn’t come up with something to try through this method. Surely someone with your data base of statistics could find a significant cost reduction to the general public if medical savings were to be substantiated by some of the studies available. You’ve mentioned a couple of peer reviewed cost analysis papers that would seem adequate. At the very least, you might propose through this method that the EPA adopt the WHO standard of 1.5 ppm. The World Health Organization itself has plenty of statistics for using this standard. It should be easy to show a health and medical cost to the public when exceeding it. Getting them to make any change by using the TSCA section 21 petition would mean an admission of harmful effects or a possibility of harmful effects. This would give local communities some more ammunition in this war against the masses. This goes beyond fluoridation, too. We want to get fluoride out of our food as well. Victories in reduction will help lead to that by establishing records of harmful effects.

        The action was taken on May 9, 2013. The EPA response came on August 6, 2013.
        The docket number for the petition is: EPA-HQ-OPPT-2013-0443.
        Here’s a link:

        Also, I’d like to comment on the use of children in the video. I wish it wasn’t in the film. Indoctrination of the young, and using them in propaganda, are tactics with very negative connotations. It does interfere with peoples ability to absorb the important data and message that is in the rest of the film. I felt it, and I know this will be brought up by my son when I share this video with him. I sure wish you would edit this out and provide a shorter version that we could more easily get the doubters to watch and accept.

        • kennedy says:

          I think Dr. Hirzy started that petition effort while he was a visiting professor there. As you can see they ignored the students just like all the rest of the scientific evidence of harm.

          As for the children I’ve heard it both ways. If you saw the entire press conference you might change your mind. The kids were brilliant and they figured it out together in their 5th grade class. Monica took all of them copies of the completed DVD and they performed a rap on fluoride for her benefit.

          What I liked about the children is how clearly they understood the problem. If you watch the 1950’s film you will see total exploitation for a phony program. They even have the mass murder of the Manhattan Project (in my opinion) claiming fluoride at 1 ppm is safe.

          Safe only if you believe anything a high ranking government employee who injected 48 innocent civilians during peace time with lethal amounts of plutonium, radium, radioactive thorium, uranium and lead says. (Read “The Plutonium Files” by Eileen Welsome for details)

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks David, and most importantly, thanks for the citations in your response. As someone with a science/healthcare background, I wish I’d see more of that in the different blogs.

      I plan on going through your site and the film in detail and getting fluoride out of my local water supply. My small community states that it “injects fluoride into the water for dental benefits. Fluoride is injected at the wellheads at a rate of 0.8 – 1.3 mg/l with a goal of 1.0 mg/l.”

      I am sure the main objection I will get (especially from the dental community) is that fluoride has been proven without a doubt to prevent tooth decay.

      From the ADA web site:

      “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has proclaimed community water fluoridation as one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.”


      “The ADA’s policies regarding community water fluoridation are based on the overwhelming weight of peer-reviewed, credible scientific evidence. ”

      They sure make it sound as though the jury is in so I have some homework to do. I may be in touch for some additional pointers.



      • kennedy says:

        Dear Jeff,

        As someone who purportedly has a science/healthcare background I am surprised that you would choose to cite a “proclamation” as though it were of any validity in discussing the efficacy of drinking water fluoridation. These same two organizations claimed up until 1999 that you had to swallow fluoride to achieve any benefit. They never had any evidence of a systemic benefit but chose to make up their facts to support a policy.

        Although on the other hand you might want to review the evidence yourself that water fluoridation is valid. For example you may wish to compare the World Health Organization data for countries that do practice this intervention and those that do not. What you will find is that the majority of countries around the world do not allow fluoride to be added to the public water supply and that most have improved the oral health of children and adults more than in the US. Nice collection can be found here:

        Or for example look please explain why tooth decay declined in East German communities that ceased fluoridation. In California we took welfare dental care data from the entire state and showed there is no significant difference in dental care costs regardless of whether or not 10% of the community had fluoride or 90%.

        Since you are a science person my challenge is for you to find a single solitary broad based blinded study of humans valid by today’s standards that has ever found a significant decline in tooth decay from the addition of 1 ppm F to the public drinking water.

        FYI all such studies to-date found no significant difference.

        After you’ve satisfied yourself that the above is correct my next question to you is why do the ADA & CDC continue to make obviously false proclamations?


        • Jeff says:

          Agreed. I was simply stating what you probably already knew but what still continues to amaze me. The assertions made on the ADA website were certainly not intended to be my endorsements or blind acceptance thereof, but rather were to point out that this is the prevailing thought in both the current “scientific” community and general population. It’s what we have to overcome as the powers that be continue to parrot back what they have been told to believe over the last six decades.

          I am still amazed at how many of the gospel/time-tested/irrefutable factoids which I was taught (in school) were debunked years later. What I began to realize is how common it is for the scientific community to cite the same sources/studies over and over without scrutiny, validation, or questioning the motivation behind those studies. ‘Reviews of the literature’ simply serve to reinforce baseless notions by again using circular logic of repeatedly citing the same bad science.

          I look forward to delving into the site in more detail and looking at the research.



  31. This is a topic that is near to my heart… Thank you! Exactly where are your contact details though?| It’s very easy to find out any matter on net as compared to books, as I found this post at this web page.

    • kennedy says:

      Dear Jeanene, The easiest way to contact me to by commenting on Fluoridegate or a private message through my YouTube channel which is davidkennedydds.

      If your question is a topic or subject that others might be interested in use Fluoridegate so others can read my reply. There are no bad questions. But there are some very bad people. They work daily to maintain bad policies that kill small children and others.


  32. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’dlike to send you an email. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.| Hi! I’ve been reading your website for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great job!

    • kennedy says:

      Dear Alexia,

      You can send a private message via my YouTube channel but if the question may be of interest to others just use Fluoridegate Comments as i check it often and we do want to generate buzz so we move to the top of the search engines.

      Send the link to your family and friends. I think this film may be the easiest tool to turn around weak thinkers. A recent poll by a dental magazine The Wealthy Dentist found that 70% of the respondents are against public water fluoridation and even 56% of the dentists did not approve of this practice.

      So why does the ADA continue to promote it? Perhaps $$$$

  33. Way cool! Some extremely valid points!

  34. Anthony Tamposi says:

    Have you heard of air to water systems. They take the humidity from the air and create water.

  35. Anthony Tamposi says:

    Greetings Dr. Kennedy!

    Do you recommend any particular water filtration for home. I can’t afford a whole home system, but maybe you know of a countertop distiller or purifier. Your input would be greatly appreciated.


    • kennedy says:

      Dear Anthony,

      Good that you can’t afford such a system because right now you likely would be wasting your money. I have been testing a home filtration system for the last year and it began to fail after just 15,000 gallons. The system normally costs $10,000 so sadly at this writing the short answer is no. But I am working with the company to improve their system. They recharged it with more of the bone char and no activated alumina. I’ll let you knowhow it turns out and no I don’t get paid for my efforts but hopefully there may someday be products on the market that do what we want.

      I have a good friend who lives in highly fluoridated Kentucky who wants fluoride free water. We talked about it and found out he has a wonderful natural spring on his property that they had simply ignored for years. He is in the process of testing the water and will set up a cistern delivery system like they used years ago. If that doesn’t work out then drilling a new well is always an option in his area.

      BTW if any whole house filter company wants me to test their product I just need a 2 ounce sample and tell me how many gallons of water have gone through the system so far. The reason I ask for gallons-used si because the life of the filter is dependent on gallons and not time.

  36. Anthony Tamposi says:

    Greetings Dr. Kennedy!

    Thank you for your service! I recently saw your film. I am 26 years old and have ankylosing spondolitis in which I attribute fluoride in the drinking water to have caused it.

    I saw studies that showed people with fluoridosis that had identical symptoms as people with “arthritis”. I think arthritis is fluoridosis!!! I also want to ask you if you endorse any particular water filtration system for home use and if so, which one. Do you know of this company ? Thank you!!!

    • kennedy says:

      Dear Anthony,

      There are several ways to get good drinking water but very few to remove it from your bath water and none to have the restaurant foods free from fluoride. You should drink pure water and the purest water is distilled. You can make your won distilled at home and it is much cheaper and you don’t have to drink out of those plastic bottles.

      We’ve tested many bottled waters and like I pointed out in the film you simply don’t know what level of fluoride is in that bottle because they don’t want you to know. Here is one Water Wise that has a stainless steel boiler and glass container:

      I personally have a Pure Water Mega Classic in my garage with a demand pump sending good water to my kitchen sink and the bath area. Pure water also make counter top distillers.

      You can research and find good water companies in your area that either use snow melt or deep wells also and deliver. Here in San Diego we can order in bulk stainless steel tank from Palomar Spring Water and it tests out very well as well.

  37. Jennifer says:

    Flouride is poison. Very simple. Drink distilled water (claims that it is bad are wrong – ask my dad who drank i after 3 weeks and his arthritis pain dropped 80% after 15 years and now is in recession, and dropped his med 50%) and brush with flouride free toothpaste. Whoever doesn’t want to know the truth is welcome to stay in ignorance land. It’s your body not mine.

    • kennedy says:

      Dear Jennifer,

      I totally agree. Myriads of joint and muscle diseases caused by fluoride are routinely misdiagnosed by physicians as arthritis. The best way to tell is to avoid all fluoride exposure (food, water and bathing) and take the nutrient antidotes for fluoride poisoning: iodine, calcium, magnesium, selenium, vitamin C.

      If your pain gets better then you were poisoned by fluoride.

      I’ve experienced the same thing myself and strongly recommend pure water which is exactly what distilled water is. Or if you lived on a pristine planet you could collect rainwater but since we do not live in a pristine environment making your own water as pure as possible is the next best thing.

  38. kennedy says:

    Ken Kressin,

    What you say is simply not true. It may be your perception but didn’t you actually watch the documentary? Do you recall the extensive discussion of the National Academy of Sciences unanimous rejection of the fraudulent MCLG? Don’t you recall Dr. Masters explaining that silicofluoride caused a disproportionate harm to minority children. I understand that you might find that information upsetting but considering that there are over 450,000 children in Dr. Masters two huge studies of the impact of silicofluoride on blood lead levels I thing you SHOULD be upset.

    But seriously the only people who are not upset to find their program is damaging the nation are those promoting it.

    The kids “get it”. Even if you don’t.

    Watch it again and then try to explain to me why this nation The United States of America should choose to add ethyl mercury to vaccines given both to pregnant women and babies and 500,000 TONS of silicofluoride annually to the public water supply.

    When you reply please share with the readers what your “Scientific Perspective” is and how you would address the enormous infant mortality rate that our current unscientific public health policy has created.

  39. kennedy says:

    Ken, What you say is simply not true. It may be your perception but didn’t you actually watch the documentary? Do you recall the extensive discussion of the National Academy of Sciences unanimous rejection of the fraudulent MCLG? Don’t you recall Dr. Masters explaining that silicofluoride caused a disproportionate harm to minority children. I understand that you might find that information upsetting but considering that there are over 450,000 children in Dr. Masters two huge studies of the impact of silicofluoride on blood lead levels I thing you SHOULD be upset.

    But seriously the only people who are not upset to find their program is damaging the nation are those promoting it.

    The kids “get it”. Even if you don’t.

    Watch it again and then try to explain to me why this nation The United States of America should choose to add ethyl mercury to vaccines given both to pregnant women and babies and 500,000 TONS of silicofluoride annually to the public water supply.

    When you reply please share with the readers what your “Scientific Perspective” is and how you would address the enormous infant mortality rate that our current unscientific public health policy has created.

  40. Sean Noonan says:

    Doctor Kennedy,

    Thanks so much for your diligent research and efforts. It’s a pleasure and honor to know you.

  41. Erik Eich says:

    This was an excellent video! I found it very informative and had a lot of my questions answered about Fluoridation. You are giving the communities across the United States a very informative tool to help spread the word and promote the health of our people. Keep fighting the good fight and thank you for this resource.


  42. dow jones says:

    We have been a variety of volunteers and also establishing a whole new system in our local community. Your web site provided us with helpful tips to figure with. You must have done an impressive process and also the entire neighborhood shall be happy to you.

  43. Shepard Montgomery says:

    One thing that folks can do to protect themselves from fluoridation is supplementation with iodine, specifically Lugols iodine. Iodine is high amounts will displace fluoride, bromine, and chlorine and other cancer-causing substances such as heavy metals from the body.

  44. Ron Eheman says:

    oregonlive is doing a pretty good job of blocking my posts about fluoridegate but I get one in here and there

    it is time to saturate all the media with this film, someone in Portland needs to take this directly to the media and do a story on it

  45. TOM CIVILETTI says:

    Is there a transcript available?

  46. sevgi ercan says:

    we are being poisoned!

  47. Ellen Corke says:

    It’s hard to believe that an atrocity like “artificial water fluoridation” has gone on as long as it has. There is no arguing the facts, there is no arguing the science bases evidence, therefore there should be no arguing the need for it to end immediately! Excellent presentation, a must see for every politician, every parent, every scientist, and every person who drinks water!

  48. Dr. John Koroloff says:

    A very informative video!!! Go to 56:00 on this video and review what is said about the synergistic effect of fluoride on lead. Then look up the recent City of Portland, Or water report and note the large percentage of homes (residential water section test results) that exceed the allowable lead standard.

    Ergo, fluoridation of Portland’s water supply will undoubtedly exacerbate the negative health consequences of lead exposure especially in the older sections of Portland where lead plumbing components are frequently found.

    • kennedy says:

      Thank you Dr. Koroloff for watching this film and your courageous stand against public drinking water contamination with silicofluoride. it is refreshing to see other doctors join me is calling for an immediate halt to this program.

      What remains to be done is for the fools in Washington DC to cease funding an army of liars fanned out across this nation to deceive the people about the safety of adding arsenic contaminated silicofluoride to our public drinking water.

      Portland showed the nation what well informed and determined advocates for safe water can do even when out spent many fold.

  49. Awesome Documentary, but how do we make community water fluoridation stop?

    • kennedy says:

      Dear Christina,

      The problem is coming from Washington DC so we need to put a stake through that Medusa’s evil heart and we can do that by showing this film to everyone you know and everyone they know.

      Portland Oregon’s Safe Water Advocates recently showed that citizens can for the moment stop fluoridation but I guarantee that the F advocates will return and return, and return because they are being paid to. That is their job. Their salary comes from you and the United States Government and is called the Center for Disease Control Dental Division and the United States Public health Service.

      You hear every day how the fiscally responsible fools in congress are trying to balance the budget but never seem to do so. Well that is because they continue idiotic programs like the 35 people at the CDC who do nothing but advocate for more fluoride and the hundreds of dentist and hygienists at the USPHS both national and state who do the same.

      I say fire the whole bunch. Make them stop lying to the citizens and go hang out their shingle and fix some teeth. That will go a long way to not only protecting the water but balancing the budget too. Sadly it won’t do much to improve oral health because fixing teeth does not stop bad diet and bad hygiene but then neither does swallowing silicofluoride. In fact fluoride only makes it worse.

  50. Geoff Byrd says:

    Amazing film. Thank you SO much for your research and for your time and energy. I appreciate you. I’m spreading the word as much as I can. The great city of Portland has had some of the cleanest water in the country and yep, they have voted to put Flouride in the water now. It’s poison and it has no benefits. I know it was never mentioned in the video, but at some point, the only conclusion that a sane person can come to, as insane as it sounds, is that our government WANTS us to die. It’s a human Geography reduction of the population on purpose. There seems to be no other conclusion I can reach. It’s hurtful; it’s Draconian, and it’s simply true.

    But thank you for the insight and the incredible courage of those doctors and scientists and those amazing kids. That girl sure is great! If you ever need any music or backing tracks, I have 150 songs in my catalogue I’d let you use free.

    Cheers mate!

    • kennedy says:

      Dear Goeffbyrd,

      I may take you up on the free music offer for some of my next documentaries. Since I always post what I do for free on my YouTube channel DAVIDKENNEDYDDS and they are very suspect of any commercial copyright violations I have of late been recording my own tracts but since I know nothing your music would undoubtedly be better;-)

  51. Joy Warren says:

    Thank you, David, for publishing this film which is a valuable educational tool and which is now part of our arsenal for use against the outrageous policy of water fluoridation.

    Joy Warren
    Coordinator, West Midlands Against Fluoridation (UK)

  52. I can get this out to a local audience on local community TV contact me, just need the OK and a copy. Can overlay contact info with a CG graphic while it plays. It is too hard to get the crap out of the water once it is put in. Same thing with mercury fillings.

    • kennedy says:

      Yes please do put this on public access. I have 22 public access TV programs and will even help you format them for your stations. I have forwarded your request to Monica Esteban the producer.

  53. david lees says:

    i would like to congratulate you on such a wonderful explanation of the issue. i hope people support you in huge numbers and that justice is served to these criminal agencies and companies who knowingly poison everybody, and are bribed to do so. i think with films like yours people will take action.
    thanks so much,

  54. Dr. Kennedy has once again performed a true service to humanity. It is extraordinary that this practice just continues. I am an accredited member of the IAOMT and Dave Kennedy is a big part of why I support this organization so strongly. Thank you.

  55. We are a bunch of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with valuable information to work on. You’ve done a formidable process and our entire community will probably be thankful to you.

  56. Ron Eheman says:

    Aliss Terpstra


    One of the troubles is that we don’t even know how numerous we are. We need to start a national registry of our own. For all these years the authoritarian Oral Health Division of the CDC has had sole powers to deny that fluoride overdose is overdose, that suffering is suffering, that toxicity is toxicity and that harm is harm. They have had sole powers to determine that destroying our teeth, bones, thyroids – our lives and our abilities to earn a living and engage in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness ” is allowable and tolerable and a suitable trade-off.

    The CDC will never count us willingly. We must stand up and count ourselves. We have to find a way to access social media or Avaaz or other modern info-tech applications and count ourselves. If 40% of young adults born since 1985 and raised in the US now have visible dental fluorosis, there has GOT to be more than 5% with chronic fluoride toxicity syndrome.

    • kennedy says:

      Great comment Ron

      Personally due to their deplorable behavior I favor removal of all CDC employees and a complete restructuring of the consumer protections we have enacted. These protections are non existent due to corporate influence. Any successful system would must and absolutely has to have firewalls against exactly what we have now: regulation for the profits of industry, by industry without regard for any public consequences like for example neurological impairment If you haven’t taken the time to read what horribly unethical behavior te CDC thinks is normal I recommend you read the transcript from the vaccine committee at Simpsonwood 2001. It was clear that ethylmercury called thimerosal was causal for autism. The committee took steps to protect their program and not our children. That is unethical, a violation of both their Hippocratic oath and sworn oath to uphold the laws of this nation.

      We need to rethink how we regulate so regulations protect people and not revenue streams to giant corporations.


  57. kennedy says:

    I have priced the bulk purchase of DVDs at just $5 each if you buy 10 or more. You can order them from the website at

    Our website has the film, documentation, blog and I can answer everyones question. This is the advantage of the film online. If you can’t afford to spend the money the alternative is to send them to talk with me at my website.

    Take your iPad with you and show your friends and family. It plays well from our website on almost all devices.

  58. kennedy says:

    Dear Ken,

    Perhaps you should watch the film again. It was not about how many people “believe” in this intervention but about successful whistle blower lawsuits over fluoride and cancer and how deplorably the justice department acted obstructing justice, shredding documents and witness tampering.

    The children as a school project for their science class reviewed both sides of the available evidence and arrived at the reasonable conclusion that ingesting hydrofluosilicic acid is unwise. You should review the documents on our Proof Page at and see the abundant evidence or disproportionate harm.

    This film is not about tooth decay. It is about 18,000 American babies who die needlessly every year due to flawed public health policies.

    • bobsoper (@bobsoper) says:

      Hello Dr. Kennedy,

      Thanks for your excellent film!

      Though I am ardently opposed to mandatory water fluoridation, and have been supporting CleanWaterPortland’s campaign to prevent Portland from fluoridating our pristine water supply, isn’t it true (because of diffusion) that we don’t actually ingest hydrofluosilicic acid at the tap, even if that’s added at the fluoridation plant?
      A pro-fluoridation commenter (one of many I’ve been arguing with online in the comments threads of our local weekly't_handle_the_tooth.html ) replied to my concern about consuming fluorosilic acid:

      “When added to water, hexafluorosilicic acid rapidly hydrolyses to produce hydrofluoric acid and various forms of amorphous and hydrated silica.

      H2SIF6 + 4 H2O = 6 HF + Si(OH)4

      Hydrofluoric acid readily dissociates in dilute aqueous
      solution to hydrogen ions and fluoride ions:

      6 HF = 6 H+ + 6 F-

      At the pH of drinking water (between 6.5 and 8.5),
      dissociation of hydrofluoric acid is greater than 99.9%

      The combination of reactions above gives the overall
      reaction for the hydrolysis of hexafluorosilicic acid:

      H2SiF6 + 4 H2O = 6 H+ + 6 F- + Si(OH)4

      Urbanski and Schock 2000″

      Doesn’t this mean that, aside from the trace contaminants such as arsenic & lead, it’s mainly just the fluoride ion which makes it to the tap, rather than the original industrial waste product?

      • kennedy says:

        Dear Bob,
        I am surprised that you actually believed what the advocates for fluoridation claim without one shred of evidence to back their claim. In terms only a high school chemist would understand they claim almost 100% dissociation under water treatment plant conditions. No scientist who has ever measured silicofluoride has found anywhere near this level under water treatment conditions. Even the 99.9% claim would leave substantial amounts (PPB) of undissociated silicofluoride. However Westendorf measured in the 70’s and that was Dr. Master’s point. In two huge studies (over 450,000 children) he found that Silicofluoride treated water increased blood lead levels in children and presumably lowered IQ while normal untreated water did not. There is a vast difference in fluoridated water’s effects on our society and he attributed this to the MEASURED increase in blood levels of recipients.

        Westendorf, J. The Kinetics of Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition and the Influence of Fluoride and Fluoride Complexes on the Permeability of Erythrocyte Membranes. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany, 1975.

        For further information read Finney et al., Environ. Sci. Technol. 2006, 40, 2572-2577 Reexamination of Hexafluorosilicate Hydrolysis by 19F NMR and pH Measurement.

        Better yet just say NO to the addition of arsenic contaminated hazardous waste to the public water supplies without scientific evidence, without any drug approval, without informed consent and without a valid purpose.

        • marg port says:

          I live in Queensland, Australia. When our water supply was fluoridated in 2010, I bought a 4 litre distiller. Each day I boiled it up and cleaned out a tablespoon or more of disgusting smelly brown muddy residue. Three weeks after fluoridation was discontinued last year, I boiled up the distiller one last time and had no residue at all. I have a glass kettle which has no scaling after a year of boiling ordinary tap water. I can only assume that all the mud was as a result of the fluoridation process. That’s a lot of trace contaminants. Wish I had had it tested.

          • kennedy says:

            Dear Marg,
            Your experience is almost identical to Cathy Justus’ like I filmed in my short 28 minute scientifically documented film Poisoned Horses. You should watch What are they putting in our water? here

      • kennedy says:

        Dear Bobsoper,

        What you say about “not actually ingesting silicofluoride at the tap” is a direct quote from Urbanski who did NO studies, Published NO papers, is an advocate for fluoridation and simply wrote a letter. So if you believe every thing you read I’ll write you this letter.

        What Dr. Masters did was take enormous volumes of data and separated the blood lead levels for children who lived where the water has silicofluoride added and blood lead levels where they do not add silicofluoride and demonstrated that blood lead levels soared with silicofluoride addition especially in minority children.

        NO research has ever found 100% dissociation of silicofluoride ever. Even McClure who heated the sample and stirred it for 24 hours didn’t so what Urbanski claimed is demonstrably false. That is why the advocates for fluoridation steadfastly for more than 60 years have refused to debate.

        Lastly you’ve characterized the contaminants of arsenic as a trace amount. Here again you’ve chosen to quote the advocates for adding contamination to the public water supplies. The question you should as is: Does the amount of Arsenic added contribute to increased cancer rates in silicofluoride treated areas.

        Answer: is a resounding YES!!!

        Dr. Hirzy whom you met in Fluoridegate film recently published a new study calculating the dramatic increase in cost to society from the increased cancers of bladder and lung from your so called “trace” amounts of arsenic. The cost to society utterly dwarfs the alleged benefit.

        (J. William Hirzy Comparison of hydrofluorosilicic acid and pharmaceutical sodium fluoride as fluoridating agents—A cost–benefit analysis Environmental Science & Policy in press available online Feb 16, 2013)

        David Kennedy Director

  59. Thank you most sincerely from all the people trying to stop this chronic poisoning of our population, pets and our environment – Australia now has the disgraceful dishonour of being the most heavily fluoride-polluted country in the world – every State heavily polluted with this Fluoridation Fraud. Please spread the word and help put the pressure on Australian Governments to end this Fluoridation Dictatorship of Australia.

    An Australian Example of Fluoridation Dictatorship

    I have compiled a lot of information here > Download Full Report >

    My kindest regards to all and may we the people be successful in ending water fluoridation/pollution very soon.

    Thank you, Diane

    • kennedy says:

      Thank you Diane for all you do. I’ve watched your efforts for a long time. Help me spread this film around the world to assist others in changing these awful policies that are costing so many lives

  60. Maria says:

    Thank you for this brilliant and courageous documentary! Now I can better protect my children, my friends and family and hopefully my community as a whole by sharing your film. Awareness is the first step towards a healthier way of life for generations to come. Dr. Kennedy, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for telling the TRUTH.

  61. ross says:

    Hi my name is ross and i have started a local group here in mississippi to educate the population on the dangers of flouride and expose the truth behind it. I was wondering is there anywhere i can download this doc for free in an avi format so i can burn it to dvd and pass it out in our door knocking campaign

    • Maria says:

      Ross, what part of Mississippi are you from? We have begun The Mid South Fluoride Free Coalition here in the Memphis Area. Please contact us at

    • kennedy says:

      Ross I have priced the bulk purchase of DVDs at just $5 each if you buy 10 or more. You can order them from the website at

      For your door knocking campaign I put the entire video online. You should put the on a card and hand that to the person at the door as the best possible resource if they want more information.

      Our website has the film, documentation, blog and I can answer everyones question. This is the advantage of the film online. You can’t afford to spend the time or money just to make up bandit DVDs as that will keep you from knocking on a whole lot of doors.

      Keep on knocking.

    • Mara Edwards says:

      Ross, I live in Flowood. Would like to know how to hook up with the local group (I live in Flowood)
      to help in your efforts. Thanks! Please contact me at:

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